Sunday, December 27, 2009

I dont believe good things come to those who wait, I believe that good things come to those who want something so bad they can't wait.

5 o'clock needs to come sooner. Although, it seems that when I bitch about the day being boring and slow I seem to get ridiculously busy. Some guy paid with money order, but didn't bother to read it, so he signed in the wrong spot. All I can think of is how lazy that is. Take 30 freaking seconds and read what you're signing. He just tried to give me 2 completely unfilled out money orders. He's lucky I'm an honest person. I could have just as easily taken the money orders for myself (which I would NEVER do), kind of makes me want to teach him a lesson. That lesson, stop being so damn lazy and do things for yourself. I hate when people are completely helpless without someone showing them exactly how to do things. Annoying.

I haven't talked to Ben in a while. He worked swing shift, then I am assuming went and worked at the club last night too. Makes me sad that we won't be able to talk as much. I looked up flights to go back up to Reno and the prices went up. Hopefully that's just temporary.

My brother gets to town tomorrow. I don't see him until after I get off work at 6, but it will be exciting. We are doing our Christmas presents tomorrow night. Keeping the fingers crossed for Amazon Kindle. :-) Wednesday we have plans to go get Vietnamese pho with Chantal. That should be good times.

Ben's mom and sister sent me this singing Christmas card. Cats singing that is. I need to make a video of them listening to it. They are so weirded out, it's hilarious. They also gave me a $40 giftcard to Kohls. HELL YEAH! So far my Christmas has been quite exciting. 2 hoodies, some cute Wictoria's Secret underwears and a sleep shirt from Ben. Not to mention he got my hotel room upgraded for free and took me out to movies, arcade, lunch, dinner, ice cream. He is better at shopping for me than I am at shopping for myself. Kelly got me a Princess wine glass which a special cocktail recipe which I'm going to have to make. My boss got me in the office gift exchange, so I got a pretty purple sweater, some earring from Express, and 2 Bath & Body Works lotions. I'm probably forgetting some things, but that's it so far. Making out pretty well if I do say so myself.

I'm waiting for this next paycheck to catch my account back up, but the check after that I think I want to spoil myself. I need to get my hair cut, wouldn't mind having it colored either. MAYBE make a couple of larger payments on my credit cards to get the balances down to the halfway mark.

I think next days off that aren't New Years I am going to go to the college. THEN I need to start looking for a bankruptcy attorney for my medical bills. Get some advice as to what to do. I also need to sign up for benefits at my job. I think I qualify for them on January 31. That would be nice. I have to change from my injectable medication to a pill form here in the next week or so. Then I have to go have a test done to see what my adrenal function is doing. That test is going to pretty much determine whether or not I will ever be able to taper off the steroids entirely. I'm nervous. My labs from my abdominal ultrasound should be coming back soon too.

Today when I get home I need to clean like crazy. BOO! Hopefully I'll get to talk to Ben some time today. I'm missing him.

Another goal for the new year is going to be taking more pictures. I have very few photos of the last 5 or so years and it makes me sad. 2010 is going to be different (hopefully). Maybe I should look into buying a new digital camera since I can't freaking find mine anywhere. :-( I haven't even really used it, but it somehow got lost during my move here. That's what happens when you're in the hospital and other people have to move your shit for you. Well, I think that's all for now.

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