Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Visit the park. Enjoy what nature has to offer.

That is what my fortune cookie said tonight at dinner. Failing to see where the fortune is.

Adam and I have been playing some serious Super Mario Bros.

I can't wait to get off work tomorrow and have 2 days off. Work has been super annoying this week. I'm ready to get a little tipsy on New Years and start 2010 off right.

Oh, and don't worry that I was in the worst mood ever the day before yesterday and my dad tried to cheer me up by challenging me to a game of cribbage. SO, to add insult to injury... I miss double skunking in by 1 point. 1 fucking point. Oh well, I still kicked the shit out of him in that game. Then we argued about the choices and goals I'm working toward and how he and my mom don't think I'm ready to do the things I want to do (i.e. move back to Reno to be with Ben, work and go to school, etc.). I thought that was very special.

18 hours to total freedom for 2 days. Gonna go get pho with my brother and Chantal tomorrow night. That should be fun! My family is going to a local hockey game tonight, but the game doesn't start until midnight and I am too tired to go. If I didn't have to work tomorrow I would be all about it, but I really can't miss or be late for work tomorrow. Kind of an important day for my boss. They definitely wouldn't appreciate me not being there. Looking forward to next days off after the New Year because I want to get my hair cut.

We celebrated out Christmas last night. It was nice. I got an Amazon Kindle. YAY!

Anyway, time to shower and read my Kindle until I fall asleep. :-)

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