Monday, January 18, 2010

"Is this how you treat people here?"

Yes, this is how I treat people. I do my job and get in contact with the proper people to take care of your problems. Problems, I may add.. that have absolutely nothing to do with me. So it would be fantastic if you could cut the shit with the bitchy tone, and leave your bitchy daughters behind because it's bad enough dealing with one unsatisfiable bitch, but to add 2 more is just more than my nerves can handle... Might I add how proud I am that I was only thinking this while I listened intently and looked as apologetic as I could about unfortunate luck and did my best to be reassuring that the situation would be rectified. Now that all is pretty much said and done, is it bad that I'm kind of wishing even more bad luck upon this particular set of people? Mainly because they could have just as easily come to me with the same problem and a completely different tone and everything would have been handled exactly the way that it is being handled. Being a stupid bitch is necessary at time, but times where the person you're being a bitch to has a hand in something that's fucked up. In this particular case, I am simply the messenger.. who, might I add, got the message across to all the right people who responded with the appropriate actions. I just don't understand the concept of being rude to someone because you're frustrated about something that's completely out of their control. I understand the frustration, but there's a way to be frustrated and not treat someone like shit about it. ANYWAY, I hope it only gets worse from here on out. I'm so tired of shitty people getting whatever they want, but because they think being a big enough bitch will work. In this case, she got what she wanted because it was the right thing to be done, not because she demanding her way and talking shit. She would have gotten the same result if she had come to me with a smile on her face apologizing for having to inconvenience people to fix the problem. The moral of this story.. I really hate people sometimes...

My next bone to pick... Certain networking sites (not to be named, don't know why) piss me off sometimes. I'm in a relationship and I have friend who are also in relationship, so maybe they would be more understanding? It clearly states on your profile if you feel so inclined to announce your relationship status and who it is with. So, simply out of respect for my friend who do have significant others, I would never post something that would come off as flirtatious or could come off as questionable because I don't want things to be taken out of context. Well, it is so awesome that some girl managed to do that to someone who happens to mean a whole lot to me. It just fucking pisses me off because I know it's more than likely NOTHING TO BE CONCERNED ABOUT, BUT I'm still a girl, I'm still in a different town that my boyfriend, I'm still fat as fuck and insecure, and even though I hate to admit it I do have a twinge of jealousy when it comes to him... So I come home to check all my "stuff" online and go try to look at his pictures because I miss him... and AWESOME. I can't bring it up to get that extra reassurance that what was said is completely innocent without feeling/looking like a complete douchebag. And all I can think of is how fucking ignorant that girl must be to do that. IT SAYS HE HAS A G/F ON HIS PROFILE! Why would you put a flirty message to someone who has a girlfriend? I wouldn't even do that to someone I know for a fact has a chill girlfriend and KNOWS me well. It's just disrespectful and annoying. It probably wouldn't be as annoying if I hadn't already had dumb bitches irritate me 3 days in a row, but I'm thinking I'm right. I managed to get some feedback from a friend and they agreed.

For it being my favorite weather and how good my day started out, I've managed to end up in a pretty bad mood. Awesome.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Case of the Mondays.. why does Saturday have to be my Monday?

I went to Mountain View E.R. again today. I was having abdominal pain, mainly wanted to make sure it wasn't an obstruction or inflammation or anything. They didn't find anything wrong with me. Good news. I'm slightly concerned that the pain was so bad and nothing was wrong, but I'll worry if it continues to happen.

I just saw a commercial that said 1 in 4 women can mis-read a traditional pregnancy test. I learned from South Park that 1 in 4 people are retarded. I wonder if there is any connection between the two.

Daniel Tosh's stand up is hilarious.

Work was good until the last 2 hours. Then some lady and her daughter decided to be bitches to me over things that are out of my control. I guess I would understand their frustration more if we hadn't taken proper steps to rectify the situations every time, but we have. They are just rude and confrontational. I have an awful feeling they will be making an appearance first thing tomorrow morning. I can't wait. FML.

Alright, I should probably go to bed... Gotta get up for work in less that 7 hours.

Friday, January 15, 2010

2 Weeks in... Not too bad.

So, I wouldn't necessarily say that the year has started off with a bang or anything, but it hasn't been so bad. The calendar changing from 2009 to 2010 certainly didn't stop medical bills from flooding my mailbox on a daily basis. I should probably start working on figuring out what to do with that. I just don't even know where to begin. I do have a gameplan in mind. I'm trying to move back to Reno in May and take a CNA class at the community college up there since it's a pain in the ass to get into one here in Las Vegas. My goal is to move back up there in mid-late May and take a summer CNA course. The trick is going to be working on getting that taken care of, finding a place to live (qualifying for a place to live in particular), and not really alluding any of that to my boss over the next few months. She's not going to be too pleased when I tell her I have zero intention of being a leasing consultant for more than a few more months. She's kind of fucking rude these days anyway.. so, this is all on the assumption I don't get myself fired or just quit in the next 4 or so months.

I've been feeling frustrated with people lately. I feel like I'm trying to be a friend to people who seem to be in need of good company, but are too blind to see the good company right in front of them. My most recent annoyance (mainly because I am annoyed about it right now) is a particular person who can log onto facebook and comment on peoples walls, but can't respond to me. That doesn't piss me off at all... and I do mean that in the most sarcastic way possible. I just fucking hate double standards and between last night and tonight I feel like I have a HUGE one just thrown in my face. I DID however, get to go to a hookah lounge with a good friend of mine and although we had to kind of hurry, it was good times. I even saw ANOTHER old friend of mine named Aliea. I didn't recognize her in time and by the time I realized it was her she was too busy to talk to, but that was interesting.

I went and had lunch with the bestfriendface today. It's always nice to go hang out with her. Then I went to stop by her house to drop something off for her and her house key snapped off in the lock, so I drove all over hell and back for no reason. AND I didn't get a chance to pick up my Brand New CD, Boo! I hung out at her work for a while and bought some new stuff. So, that was exciting. Also a good time, especially the freaking waitress at Mimi's that was NOT our waitress that kept interrupting our conversations to try to talk to Kelly about tattoos as if we really gave a shit.

I went to the doctor yesterday for a follow up. He kind of pissed me off. I have to have this test done where they have to give me an injection. He wants me to buy the vial of the injection which is no big deal. The problem is my insurance does not cover it and it only comes in packs of 10. It ends up being like $1300 for the 10 pack and you can't buy them individually through the pharmacy. So, I told him that I don't have a problem paying for the 1 vial, but I do have a problem paying for the whole package of it since I only need one. He proceeds to tell me he does not like to buy the cases of it either because it costs his office money and it's a loss for them........ I understand from a business standpoint where he's coming from, but at the same time.. why should I give a fuck? He charges upward of $200 every time I go to his office to visit and talks to me for less than 5 minutes... Every time he peeked his head in my hospital room at Mountain View I got charged even more for him to ask me how I'm feeling. So, I really don't give a fuck if it's a "loss" for his office to order something because the way I see it, the amount he's gotten paid through me alone compared to the amount of energy he's put into my case should MORE than cover the cost of the stupid fucking case of vials. Vials, of course, that he is indeed ordering for me to get the test done and charging more than the cost to order them. So, when I go get the test done in 2 weeks I get to pay $150 to get a shot. Aren't you jealous?

I'm going to Reno for a visit on February 11. YAY!

Chantal took me to The Double Down... Good times.

My cat is freaking adorable by the way...

Oh yeah, one more pretty important thing. I've been dieting, kind of. I just told myself no fast food. I haven't been doing too bad. I've just been bringing food to work and making food at home. I haven't really lost a bunch of weight of anything. 4-6 pounds or so as of yet. The medications I'm on don't help, especially since the transition between injections to pills. I made one exception for the no fast food agreement. Since Wendy's decided to freaking make Spicy Chicken Nuggets just in time for me to stop eating fast food... I have to try them. And don't worry that McDonalds made a Big Mac Snack Wrap that I can't try... whatever... I went to lunch at Mimi's and eating that food made me feel pretty crappy, so it's better than I not eat out anyway. I've been feeling super good ever since I stopped eating all that crap anyway.

Friday, January 1, 2010

And it's begun... YAY!

SO, I managed to spend the last 2 days of the year in good company. Wednesday night I got off work and picked Adam up to go meet Chantal for vietnamese food at Pho Saigon 8. Let me just start off by saying that I fucking LOVE Chantal. So, we had our meal, which was of course awesome. I was just going to let Adam and Chantal take off to do what they wanted, but they insisted I go out. We decided to go to McMullan's. Darby O'Gill and the Little People were performing, so that was cool, but we weren't really paying attention to that. It was good times. Our bar tab was pretty insane. Met a couple of new people through Chantal. Brandon came by and hung out for a bit. Then we took off to The Office bar and hung out. That was interesting as well. Didn't get home until 6 AM.

New Years Eve my family and I went to dinner at Don B's Steakhouse in Fitzgeralds. We ordered prime rib. It was fantastic. Then I went to David's house and hung out with him, Angela, and Steve. It was good times. I love those guys. Just good people. Parents are great because they make good designated drivers. Someone actually called the cops on us for noise last night which was hilarious. They cop came to the door at 1:15 AM. On NEW YEARS EVE! Who calls in a noise complaint on NYE? WTF!? That was funny.

Woke up this morning and did some grocery shopping for my new diet. I think I offended my mom because I implied that I didn't want her eating a lot of the food that I bought because I paid for it and I have specific plans for each thing I bought. I was trying to beat around the bush about it, but she laid it all out there so I was honest. She was not amused. Oh well.

I miss Ben, but we are doing well. He said he's going to see how the night club goes and will probably be dropping a day at the bar, so if he does that I'll be excited because I want to go visit him again!

The college thing is not looking so good for nursing or CNA right now. It's a bitch to get into anything. There's a group of prioritized people. Lame.

Tomorrow I have to do cardio.