Thursday, February 4, 2010

"We reflect on miscommunications and misunderstandings"

Seriously... fuck my life. OKAY, not really. So, over the last couple of weeks a lot of shit has gone down. Ben and I haven't been talking a lot and it's been throwing me off. I told him I will come back to Reno whenever he's ready for me to be back. He didn't give much response to that. I haven't quite figured out what to make of that.

I got fired from my job. I've never been fired before. It was fucking lame. That company can go to hell. It's the only place I have ever worked that had absolutely no appreciation for the work that I do. Time to move on.

A particular friend of mine is getting married on Valentine's Day. She let me know about a week ago. She invited me to come and my original plan was that I would have to miss the ceremony, but if they were having a reception I would show up to that. Then she informs me about an hour before that stupid "see you next Tuesday" fired me that my ex-boyfriend is the best man in their wedding. That alone caught me off guard because I did not know that they were even in contact with eachother anymore. So, I made a small joke about how that ought to be awkward, but that it would all be good because it's their day and it'll be fine. I'm an adult and can act like one. I really have no interest in stirring up shit from the past. Then I get the following text message about 30 minutes ago: "Hey erin, we would love for you to come to our wedding but he doesn't want any confrontation from you and your ex so we decided that it probably wouldn't be a good idea if you were to come. I'm really sorry and I hope you understand. :) Maybe we could hang out this week on monday and finally play bingo. You are a great friend to me but i want everyone to feel comfortable. Thank you for everything." To which I responded: "Wow...Ok." To which she responded: "I know he got really upset with me. i told him that everyone is adult and could handle themselves, but he doesn't want you guys in the same room. Erin I apologize." Uhmmm, yeahhhhh... Good thing I got fired so I can spend some extra time in Reno and spend V-day with my boyfriend and NOT at a wedding that my ex will be present at. I'm not all that upset about not being invited anymore, but seriously.. how fucked up is that?

Chantal took me out and got me fucked up last night.

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